Challenges of Running an Onsite Shredding Company

Sensitive Data Should be Handled with Care!

Data security is becoming a big issue nowadays. People are realizing now that if sensitive data is not handled properly then it can prove to be quite damning. This is the reason why stricter data protection laws are being promulgated, forcing the companies to ensure disposal off their data in a safe and secure manner. Since Because of this, the importance of shredding companies has come to the fore. More and more businesses these days are contacting shredding firms to come in and help them in taking care of their data handling issues. While this has helped the shredding business to prosper, it has given rise to some challenges too. 

Challenges Faced by Shredding Companies Today

Shredding companies are going through a phase of rapid growth at the moment. They now have to come to terms with the amount of business that is coming their way. However, it is not that easy. Most of the shredding firms were established as startups and don’t have the personnel or the amount of resources available to them to handle the workload that is expected of them. The following are some of the challenges that shredding companies are facing today. 


Limited Resources

The first and most important problem that is being faced by a number of shredding companies nowadays is of limited shredding resources. Shredders that are used for the purpose of disposing of documents are heavy and need to be transported from one location to another in trucks. Most shredding firms don’t have enough shredders or even many trucks in which to transport their shredders. Thus, they tend to remain in one place for lengthy periods of time and can’t serve multiple locations simultaneously. This causes issues as customers want to be serviced quickly and consider the inability of the company to come to their aid as a sign of incompetence.  

Lack of Expert Personnel

Another major challenge that shredding companies are facing today is that they don’t have many expert personnel working for them. Since the need of the effective data handling has only just intensified, there haven’t been any courses yet devised for training shredding workers. The people that are working in this industry rely purely on experience that they have acquired on the job. This lack of experts is hampering the ability of shredding companies to hire new employees. Any new worker has to be trained for the job first before allowed to work in the field.  


Fluctuating Demands

While shredding companies are getting hired more often nowadays, their demand keeps on fluctuating a lot. Businesses that require shredding companies at one time of the year don’t need them after a while. Since companies don’t have documents that need regular disposal, they hire the shredding firms on a seasonal basis. This makes it extremely difficult for shredding firms to remain afloat during the off-season when the demand is low.  


Cost Estimations

A growing issue for shredding companies today is that of cost estimations. People have quite a wrong concept of shredding costs. They seem to think that shredding does not involve much work so it must be offered for a very low price. While it is true that shredding is a simple job that does not require much investment, it remains an important service that requires careful handling of data which isn’t so simple or easy. Shredding firms have to keep their rates quite low in order to attract new customers. This is making it hard for them to grow their business quickly. 

How to Overcome Challenges Faced by Shredding Companies

The challenges being faced by shredding companies are not new. Every new industry has to come to terms with these problems during its growth period. The following are some ways through which shredding companies can overcome the issues they are currently facing. 

• Better Management of Resources

One of the best means of overcoming the issue of limited resources is to manage the ones you have in an efficient manner. Shredding companies should look towards managing their funds and resources to make sure that they can reach as many clients as possible. A great example of this is The company has become a household name in the shredding industry thanks to its efficient use of its resources.    

• Exploration of New Market Segments

Shredding companies who are going through off-season can start to explore new market segments in a bid to get new customers. For instance, individuals or households are a good new market for shredding firms to explore. Even common people are now thinking about utilizing shredding companies. The discussions taking place on customer forums is highly indicative of that.    


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