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How Saveur du Jour Markets Paris souvenirs

Marketing strategies and targeted products

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy to promote all products and services. Each one of them have their own characteristics, so a smart campaign will be aware of all relevant aspects of a product in order to make the right decisions. Know your product, and you will know your niche. Know your niche, and you will know your target audience. Know your target audience, and you will have an effective marketing campaign.

Of course, there are marketing tips and basics that apply to all - or almost all - campaigns. We've just mentioned one of them above. But bear in mind that the specifics are as important, perhaps even more important, than the general principles. You need to define your product and know which aspects of it will be the center of your marketing campaign. If you don't understand your product, who wants it and/or how it works, you won't be able to deliver a consistent and compelling message, no matter which channel you use to promote it. 

Who would want what I have to offer? How much would they be willing to pay for it? What would convince them that they want what I offer? How to present it so it becomes more attractive to them? Does my imaginary scenario of the customer buying the product actually make sense? Is it realistic? If not, what changes do I need to make so it works?

Saveur du Jour, savoir du produit

We would like to focus on a very successful marketing strategy that has led a small business to expansion and success overseas. Let's fly across the sea and land in France, where we will find Saveur du Jour, an online store selling French products, including traditional food, souvenirs from Paris and beautiful decorations and art pieces from Provence, among others. Let's see how they conceptualized their product and designed a great marketing strategy that turned them into a very active business with great prospects.

What they sell is a product very easy for them to get, because it is produced locally and in great abundance. Logistics are simple and prices are kept low because of that. French souvenirs are in great demand, because France is the most popular touristic destination worldwide, and their very characteristic culture has a charm and strong identity that many people enjoy, so they are very likely to want to buy these products and take them home. So far, so good. However, there is the big thing, what Saveur du Jour understood perfectly, and led them to make the right marketing decisions and structure their whole business around that insight - with great results. Paris souvenirs are a great product - but not for the French people. Why would they want to buy French memorabilia whey they are surounded by their own culture every day? Saveur du Jour realized which audience they should target instead: foreigners who want to take home a souvenir from their trip to France. They designed their entire customer approach strategy around foreign tourists, and so far it has worked for them very, very well.

The right design

The next logical step for Saveur du Jour was to understand which kind of tourists France has, in order to narrow down their target audience and develop a strategy what would be effective. Since many of those tourists come fro the United States - and therefore have an interesting purchasing power - the store decided to target them. 

What follows is a series of design choices that present their product in a friendly and accessible way for US tourists in France. First of all, it was fundamental to create a website in English, with an user friendly interface with an international feel that would make US users feel comfortable. A familiar environment is more welcoming and helps generate sales. All barriers should be removed: language barriers, visual barriers and even currency barriers, so the prices are displayed in US dollars and not only in Euros. 

The operative aspect of the website was also carefully designed. The purchasing process is smooth and provides many options, so the buyer can choose what is more convenient to them. Complement that with an effective marketing campaign encompassing many channels, such as social media and newsletters, and you will have a successful strategy to engage customers, lead them to your website and generate sales. Saveur du Jour understood perfectly the product they were offering and which audience was more convenient for them to target. The result was increasing popularity and successful sales year after year. If you follow their example, you can succeed too!

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