How to market your onsite shredding company online

Benefits of Using an On-Site Shredding Company

From time to time, your business might need to get rid of confidential documents and might be in need of a professional onsite paper shredding company because of the many advantages offered by such companies. Using an on-site shredding company guarantees security and environmentally friendly disposal of your documents. In addition, using a shredding company to dispose of confidential documents is in compliance with the Data Protection Act. 

So why should you hire a shredding company if you can purchase a relatively cheap shredder online to shred your documents in the office? Well, first of all, if you shred your documents in the office, employees and even criminals can still access the shredded information in bins and can steal information. This reduces the risk of ID theft. If you want to secure your organization against ID theft and want to make sure that documents are safely and securely disposed of, you should have the documents destroyed on-site through a professional shredding service. In addition to securely disposing of your confidential documents, using a professional shredder will ensure that your shredded paper is recycled thus ensuring that your business is compliant with the UK environmental legislation. Finally, an office shredder can present numerous problems and it makes the shredding of documents inefficient and time consuming as it can only shred a few pages simultaneously. Professional shredding is more cost effective and more efficient. 

How to Market Your Shredding Company Online

If you want to increase your customer base, you will need to increase online visibility. This means that you will need to invest in the online marketing of your shredding service. Below are a few ways in which you can marketing your shredding company online.

Social Networking Sites

The use of social networking websites is one of the most popular form of online marketing these days. With billion of people around the world accessing social networking sites such as FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter, you can increase the online visibility of your company.

Advertising Online

Advertising connects your business directly with customers. Especially, when you have the option to do targeted advertising where you target only those people who have a need for professional shredding services. There are tons of platforms to advertise your business on but Google Adwords tops the chart. Followed by advertising on Social Media like Facebook Ads or Twitter for Business! They are cheap sources of advertising and offer a good reach for the amount which you are going to shell out on them. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the art of ranking well on Google and other search engines for specific keywords. This enables you to get organic traffic and makes sure that your business is offering something relevant to what they are searching online. For example, if your shredding company is located in New York! Then your potential keywords can be “professional shredding services in New York” or shredding companies. If you would enter these keywords right now in Google and if your web page was optimized properly, your website should be listed amongst the search results. Apart from this, SEO includes Link Building where relevant reputed websites will link back to your website and increase its importance in the eyes of the search engine. This way you are going to rank up faster on search engines. But do make sure that you do maintenance of your SEO and update your site to keep it in order. Also do a link audit from time to time.

Benefits of Increasing Online Visibility

You might be wondering why you should market your business online? What are the benefits of increasing your online visibility. Well, the answer is simple. The more visible you are online, the more potential customers you will attract to your website. The more visitors you have on your website the higher the chances of converting these visitors into paid customers. The more paid customers you have, the more sales you will have. As your sales increases so will your company as a whole. So online visibility is not just about being seen or getting exposure. That exposure should eventually lead to more business which should eventually cause your business to grow. This is one of the main reasons why so many companies invest in online marketing and is the reason why you should increase the online visibility of your shredding company. There are a lot of new business resources available on the internet that can provide you with information and advice on how to increase the online visibility of your company. Many of these resources are free so take advantage of what they are offering and start growing your professional shredding business today!


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