Understanding the true meaning behind UX or User Experience

What is user experience?

With the technological and methodological advancements and improvements of the 21st century, websites and web applications have become progressively more complex; however, for these website and web applications to obtain and retain success, the manner in which they are perceived by users is very important. The way a person feels when interacting with a website, web application or similar systems is known as UX - User Experience. Before a visitor becomes a regular user of your website, he will ask himself certain basic questions such as whether or not your website gives him value, whether or not it is easy to use or whether or not it is pleasant to use. Based on the answers to these questions, he will decide whether or not he will become a regular user. 

When developing your website, it is therefore very important that you take UK into consideration and that you strive to make your website design in such a way that it adds value to the user and that it is easy and pleasant to use. It is therefore recommended that you hire a professional UX Designer if you want to make sure that your website provides the optimal user experience possible. UX designers study and evaluate how users are expected to feel when using your website or web application and as such they will focus on things such as the ease of use, efficiency, available utilities to obtain information and the perception of value provided by the website. In addition they will look at the processes on the website and determine how efficient and effective they are and will make improvements where necessary to ensure that the user has the best possible experience. For example, they might study the checkout process of your website if you have an e-commerce website to make sure that the check out process if very easy and simple which will encourage shoppers to buy more and more products on your site.

Who would Benefit Most from UX Designs?

While UX designs are beneficial for all websites and web applications, there are certain companies/situations that will benefit more from UX designs. 



Start-up and smaller companies need to make sure that they provide their user with a solid user experience as they are new and will need to make a good impression to make and retain customers.


Complex Websites

The websites and web application that are more complex in nature naturally be more difficult for users to understand and follow and will therefore benefit from UX designs.

What to consider when investing in UX Design?

UX designs will definitely benefit your organization; however, you need to understand that there are some things that it cannot and will not accomplish and it is important that you understand what these things are so that you do not get disappointed or believe that the concept is unable to meet your needs otherwise you will miss out on its benefits which certainly outweigh the things that it cannot accomplish.

There is no one size fits all UX design.

Products and services differ from each other. Human beings are not the same so what works with one type of users will not necessarily work on another type of user. Your UX design should be based on the goals of the organization and the values and experience that it was to project to its users. 

UX design is not the same as usability.

Many website developers confuse usability with UX design. Although they are some relationships between the two, there are some clear distinctions between the two. While UX addresses how a user feels while on your website, usability refers to the user-friendliness of the interface itself. Usability is definitely a large part of the user experience but it is not the only aspect of the user experience.

What are the main tasks of a UX designer?

A UX designer perform a variety of tasks aimed at improving the overall user experience. These tasks include:

Evaluation the current system and suggest improvements

Conducting user surveys to gain insight on what they require

Designing the flow and movement of the user through the website

Is UX  essential to database development?

UX is definitely essential to database development. Companies that build custom databases for companies should certainly take user experience into consideration. When users need to search for information and generate queries and reports from data in the database they should be able to do it in an easy and pleasant manner. If the overall user experience is not positive, user will have a hard time truly utilizing all the potentials of a database.


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